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Integration Accelerator

The low cost, low friction way to access the dedicated expertise you need to get your initiative off to a confident start.

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What is it?

Our Integration Accelerator service is the perfect way to validate your thinking, prepare for an RFP, kick start an initiative or begin a relationship with Chakray. It is designed to be a simple way to access experienced integration expertise and turn your early questions into decisions.


Rapid progress

With companies and IT functions under ever increasing pressure to deliver value, the purpose of the Integration Accelerator is designed to get you moving quickly. Our experts will be the catalyst you need to turn your questions into decisions and progress your journey to value.

Flexible objectives

We’ll work together with you before the accelerator to identify the most effective value we can provide over 10 days to help you move your project forward confidently. We will provide you with the right skills and thinking to meet those objectives.

Move with confidence

With a reported 70% of transformation initiatives failing, it’s important to ensure you avoid obvious missteps and start your initiatives on a confident footing. By focussing our activities on your most uncertain areas we can help ensure a confident start to a successful outcome.

No further obligation

An accelerator engagement is both a perfect way to begin a more long term engagement with Chakray but it can also stand alone as a value exercise if you are at the planning stage, delivering initiatives in-house or working with other third parties.

Low friction

Our Integration Accelerator is designed to be easy to consume quickly and quick to procure. We can provide an abbreviated set of terms, restrict access to any critical systems or sensitive information and we have priced the service at a level to avoid lengthy procurement cycles.

Low cost

A digital transformation project can be a significant investment and smart companies want to know that their decisions represent good value. Our fixed price is designed to maximise confidence and reduce the risk of your initial investment commitments.

Example objectives

Your integration accelerator can be shaped to focus on the most important challenges you need to overcome.

High level design
Technology assessment
Capability assessment
Proof of concept
Platform implementation


10 days of expertise, regardless of capability, objective or role is priced as follows:

United Kingdom £7,500
Europe €7,500
Rest of the World $7,500
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A simple process designed to get things moving quickly.

Step 1

Start by completing the contact form below. We’ll organise an informal meeting between us to discuss your requirements.

Step 2

We’ll agree the objectives that can be achieved during a 10 day engagement and provide you with a statement of work.

Step 3

We sign an abbreviated agreement.

Step 4

You will be assigned the roles and people best suited to provide the service and we’ll agree the dates of service delivery.

Step 5

We deliver!

Ready to get started?

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