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Successful integration projects involve many complex choices. Or just a simple one. Hello

We provide you with a wide range of business outcomes with enterprise integration so you can meet all of your needs with one relationship

Integration Strategy
Modernise Legacy
System Migration
Process Automation
SaaS Adoption

Integration plays a crucial part in most modern digital transformation initiatives. Find out more about how our services can help deliver the outcomes you seek.

Organisational Initiatives

We understand the different concepts of integration so you can adopt a strategy that works for you

API Management
Event Driven Architecture
Identity Management

How do you map your needs to the array of capabilities that provide different integration approaches? Find out how Chakray can help you identify and deliver the correct approach.

Integration Expertise

We specialise in best of breed transformation technologies so you can achieve reliable outcomes faster

We help with both the selection and implementation of best of breed integration technologies covering the full spectrum of integration capability.

Integration Technologies

70% of transformation
initiatives fail*

We understand that if the journey is unsuccessful, the destination does not matter. Our value is not just in identifying where you need to go, but ensuring that you get there safely.

That’s why we adapt to each client with a dedicated pod, aligned to your goals, empowered to adapt our service to ensure your success.

*Gartner, July 2020

Case Study

Esteve Teijin

Esteve Teijin Healthcare specialise in home-based health therapies.

Case Study


Spanish company dedicated to wireless broadcasting telecommunications services and infrastructure.

Local Everywhere

We service the world from offices in Spain, UK, Canada, Sri Lanka, Mexico & Peru.

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