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WSO2 Stream Processor: Handles Transmission Data in Real Time

Real-time data streams allow you to detect behavioural patterns or recognize results from different approaches, a competitive advantage for business organizations in different professional sectors. WSO2 Stream Processor is an open-source streaming processing platform that makes it possible to monitor data efficiently, reliably and dynamically.

What is WSO2 Stream Processor?

WSO2 Stream Processor is a native cloud and lightweight tool that supports streaming SQL requests in order to capture, analyze, process and act on events in real time. The open software application developed by the Californian company WSO2 allows real time integration and data analysis, all with a simple implementation and great adaptability to successive changes that may occur in the process of collecting and analyzing information. Unlike other tools of this type, it provides a simple implementation of two nodes for high availability and scales further with its distributed implementation to meet extremely high workloads.

WSO2 Stream Processor is powered by Complex Event Processing (CEP), based on the Siddhi language and capable of correlating and analyzing millions of events per second in real time. All with no downtime and no data loss. It is possible to program anomaly detections, as well as correlations, and to establish filters, sequence aggregations or patterns to obtain data.

What applications does this open source product have?

WSO2 Stream Processor is useful in many professional sectors. These are some of them:

  • Financial and banking services. Analysis of algorithmic trading data, stock market surveillance, decision making patterns, etc.
  • Healthcare sector. Intelligent patient care, monitoring of health and treatment data, etc.
  • Industrial sector. Monitoring of a production line; optimization of a supply chain; detection of intrusion, surveillance and fraud, etc.
  • Logistics. Traffic monitoring, fleet management, geofencing to establish virtual limits within a real geographical area, geolocation of vehicles, etc.
  • Marketing Impact of promotional and advertising actions, return on investment, consumer profiles, consumption patterns, etc.
  • Computer systems and network monitoring in real time.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI). Geospatial data processing, Machine Learning, etc.

Benefits of WSO2 Stream Processor for your company

The simultaneous production of events from different sources is a challenge for any business organization, which if it can perform a reliable analysis in real time of that information will be gaining a considerable competitive advantage over its competitors. The streaming analysis process is divided into three main stages; data collection, analysis and action based on the previous two steps.

With the ability to adapt quickly to change, any type of business can increase the return on its investment. This also applies to the analysis and management of information from data streams. With WSO2 Stream Processor it is possible to collect data from events, analyze them on the spot, detect patterns of action, map impacts and react immediately.

WSO2 SP has one of its main strengths in its intuitive approach to processing sequences in events, even if they come from sources as disparate as applications, sensors, electronic devices or service tools. Data is processed in real time using Siddhi streaming SQL language and, after the results have been collected, they can be published through visualizations, APIs and others, so that authorized users can use them.

KPI Alerts and Meters

In addition to analyzing and correlating real-time data from multiple sources, WSO2 Stream Processor can set fraud detection alerts and perform performance meter or KPI compliance monitoring. The great advantage of this, along with batch processing that synthesizes and aggregates data, is the ability to predict the future based on the data, generating Machine Learning models. On the other hand, it also analyzes the collected and processed data through queries.

Finally, it is worth stressing that the analytics function of WSO2 Stream Processor can be performed by discriminating only that information that is decided to be useful for the company, something very useful in processes that take into account large amounts of data from sources such as the Internet of Things (IoT), and where the storage of all of them is not a priority.

Easy visualization and customization

WSO2 Stream Processor features an easy-to-use management console, where you can customize control panels with interactive and integrated widgets for easy viewing and use of information. Without programming knowledge, developers have the ability to generate new rules and implement them dynamically by composing dashboards for management and monitoring.