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WSO2 Identity Server, the next step for IAM solutions

wso2 identity

IAM solutions have become a necessity for today’s businesses. The entire process of managing electronic identities within any business requires this administration system. Its use is a guarantee for users to have a unique experience while enjoying any service with complete authentication. Now, few systems are as high a help as WSO2 Identity Server (IS), which has been considered as the most advanced and complete server of its kind. Its operation allows a company to control the administration of identities, but also to connect its applications and manage the data of each user.

When you have IAM solutions, you can control data flow within a company, reducing both internal and external threats.

WSO2 Identity Server offers unprecedented security. It promotes authentication of all identities while having precise control over them and their logging in. Also, it facilitates monitoring and allows analysis of any procedure performed. And if that’s not enough, it can be implemented in the cloud or the company’s facilities.

This server is the best way to ensure that all IT policies and business rules are met.

Key aspects to consider before choosing your IAM solution

Every IAM system must comply with a series of aspects for it to work correctly and provide the best security solution for your company. When selecting one it is essential to make sure that it allows automation in identity management. That is to say, it must facilitate all the work, as it is the case of WSO2 Identity Server.

Also, an identity server must function as a tool that allows access to different technological environments, taking into account all the needs of the company, including commercial. In this way, it will help to reduce unnecessary costs and will facilitate the increase of the productivity on the part of the employees.

Other aspects that are worth considering, and that every Identity Access Management should have, are:

  • Enabling monitoring and surveillance in security protocols.
  • Detecting any type of threat that endangers the company’s data. This process must be carried out early before any unforeseen event occurs.
  • Enabling the integration of different business applications for greater effectiveness.
  • Being on par and complying with updates to current safety regulations.
  • Improving and making the company’s user base much larger. It must include internal and external personnel.
  • Being able to update automatically.
  • Providing security support in open and closed technology standards.
  • Ability to be implemented in both enterprise and cloud deployments

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WSO2 Identity Server (IS): The solution you need

Within the Identity Access Management technologies that currently exist in the market, none offers the guarantee and benefits of WSO2 Identity Server.

This modern and advanced system has a unique login and logs out, it also allows the management of all users in their different groups. Also, it has API security and is compatible with SAML2.

When reviewing each of its advantages over the different identity servers, we can highlight that it uses an open source published by Apache 2.0. This makes it easier for all architects to select the federation mechanism that best suits the company.

It’s an excellent tool for connecting business applications. Furthermore, WSO2 Identity Server easily integrates into any management framework. Its versatility allows it to be deployed in the cloud or on the premises, thus generating greater convenience.

Another benefit is the ability to automate any procedure. Moreover, its update cycles help you access the latest technology products and services.

Finally, the WSO2 Identity Server is a guarantee of security. It regularly performs scanning tests that assess any potential damage within the enterprise technology system. It also adjusts the entire server performance and does not update to watch for any future damage.

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The application of an IAM system is of vital importance to any company today. Managing user accounts, protecting business data and regulating information is critical to growing and increasing productivity.

This makes IAM systems highly demanded. And, within them, the WSO2 Identity Server is the most secure. Its updating and monitoring capacity, as well as its different protocols and tools, make it a magnificent server that guarantees the protection of any company.

If you want to incorporate an Identity Access Management solution and you want the best, opt for WSO2 Identity Server and select a trusted partner that does all the work most effectively! Like Chakray, WSO2’s first partner.

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