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Why should you use Identity Server to get adaptive authentication?

The use of Identity Server is an obligation for companies today. The development of applications and services that contain a large amount of data is of great importance to grow, adapt and compete with other companies. However, is this data secure?

Such is the role of Identity Server for any company. Its application ensures the security of information as it monitors how users access enterprise IT. To do this, it creates identities that are verified and authenticated; it also indicates if there is unusual behavior.

Previously, one of the ways to protect data was through user authentication. It corroborated passwords and names; however, it was insufficient. Hence, what is known today as adaptive authentication was created.

This technology has improved security in companies. So far, no solution provides it better than WSO2 Identity Server. Want to know more? Here’s what it’s all about.

What is adaptive authentication?

Within the different types of traditional authentication, there is one known as multi-factor authentication or MFA. Thanks to it, it is possible to improve the security of an application or service, as it forces users to perform a series of steps to verify their identity whenever they log in.

While this is very good regarding security, it also leads to reduced use of such applications or services, because users prefer not to go through the verification processes over and over again.

The alternative to this was the creation of adaptive authentication. This is a form of MFA that allows the configuration of steps to verify the identity of users, depending on their profile and the activities or behavior they have within the application or service. In short, it can be adapted to each.

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If adaptive authentication considers within its patterns that there is a danger, the identity verification steps will become much more complicated. If, on the other hand, it finds normal behavior, then some will be skipped. In any case, it can always be configured according to the needs of the users.

This technology saves time and effort. Also, it allows an application to have its regular use without neglecting the level of security to protect personal and business data.

Benefits of WSO2 Identity Server for Adaptive Authentication

To implement adaptive authentication, you need a solution that ensures its proper use. WSO2 Identity Server is the best alternative for this, as it optimizes the experience of users without hindering the work they perform when their identities are verified.

Also, WSO2 Identity Server combines adaptive authentication with real-time risk analysis. Some of its benefits are:

Ability to configure

WSO2 Identity Server includes some configurations that allow adaptive authentication to be tailored to the needs of the business and, above all, the users.

Initially, some templates are already designed for the configuration of the different verification steps, which involve the use of tools that improve the whole experience and facilitate it, saving time to the developer.

However, if you want to be completely original in the authentication process, this solution also allows you to start from scratch, allowing the developer to create their levels.

Can be linked to risk engines

Another benefit of adaptive authentication offered by WSO2 Identity Server is the ability to link and integrate with risk engines or any external system. This safeguards each of the configurations that are established.

Also, thanks to this linkage, the selected risk engine can monitor user behaviors and send them to adaptive authentication. Thus, the company’s safety margin is much higher.

Use of complex configurations for greater security

The use of complex configurations or mechanisms during the enterprise security process is another benefit of WSO2 Identity Server adaptive authentication.

Some of them are the use of users’ devices, their IP address, location and geographical range, their function within the company, among others. These are ways of ensuring that authentication is much more secure against any threat.

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A guarantee for the future

WSO2 Identity Server is a solution that offers a guarantee for the future for all companies. Its platform is open, so developers can work on it quickly and adapt its functions to the needs you have.


Opting for WSO2 Identity Server is synonymous with having one of the most cutting-edge tools on the market, being, therefore, one of the best alternatives taking into account the rest of solutions on the market.

The WSO2 IS platform works as a support for companies to adapt to an environment that protects them and allows them to be more productive.

Oh! You should know that the adaptive authentication that includes WSO2 Identity Server is considered among the best. Its possibility of configuration using pre-designed templates, the ability to integrate with risk engines, complex mechanisms for verification and the fact that it is an open platform certify it.

If you want a secure solution for your business with the benefits of adaptive authentication, try WSO2 Identity Server, and you’ll see how wonderful it is!

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