Stream Processing & Analytics

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Stream Processing & Analytics

Whether you need to process tens or millions of events per second, the ability to interpret and react to the important metrics that underpin your systems is critical to your agility. Today, streaming processors can give you real time insights in even the most complex cases providing you with alerts and actions in response.

Chakray can help you understand the possible ways your business can take advantage of the latest advancements in this space including:

  • Lightweight, distributed, high availability, scalable deployments
  • Machine learning for real time predictions
  • Turnkey integration with multiple data formats and connectors
  • Customised visual interfaces to empower business users, IDEs for the technical team
  • Scenario based business rules management and implementation

Whether you are looking for a new integration capability including analytics and stream processing or if you are looking to get more from your existing configuration, our experts are happy to discuss your possibilities.

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