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Understanding the Event-Driven CIO

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Analysts are informing other CIOs that ‘Event-Driven’ is the secret sauce of competitive edge and growth. The event-driven CIO is already ahead of the game. He/she has a distinct warm fuzzy feeling that emanates from stuff that’s happening in their organisation that they already know about. They also drop ‘event-driven’ into conversations with peers and suppliers to remind people that there are ‘no flies on them’

If you find yourself desperately scrambling to find something cool to join the conversation with, then hold that thought a little while longer. In this document, we will explore Event-Driven and try to make sense of it for you. By the end of this ebook , if you don’t have something cool to join the debate with, you’ll hopefully have some well targeted questions for the next event-driven CIO you meet. 

Find out in this Ebook what you should know about Event-Driven CIO. You will learn about:

  • What is Event-Driven Architecture (EDA) and Event Streaming?
  • When and why should I adopt Event-Driven?
  • What about Stream Processing?
  • What other benefits can I get from all this complexity?
  • How do I adopt Event-Driven?
  • What is Event First thinking

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