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The essence of a service company should be to provide both an outcome and a positive experience in achieving it. That’s what we do.

Organised Success

Successful service engagements depend as much upon the effective working relationship between provider and client as they do on the quality of the proposed solution. After all, no outcomes will be achieved unless the execution is successful.

That means how we deliver is just as important as what we deliver, which is why we adopt a pod based approach to each customer. Each customer pod is empowered by Chakray to make the promises and take the actions required to provide a positive experience.

It starts with Hello

Each client is different. They have different pressures, advantages, constraints, maturity levels and processes. There are, however, some common characteristics between the journeys between them.


First Contact

Start by reaching out to us, and we arrange for an informal session to discuss your individual needs and expectations, and answer any questions you have. This will typically be an online call between 1 or 2 people from Chakray and the participants you choose.

It’s a no obligation chance to find out if we are a good fit for your project, giving you the high level answers you need to move forward confidently towards a more formal process.


Pre Engagement

We’ll assign team members that will eventually lead your pod as your pre sales team to get into the fine detail of what you need and how it needs to be delivered. This provides continuity if we do go ahead and ensure we get the project off to an efficient start. Whatever your commercial / procurement process we aim to arrive at a clear understanding of your needs, a clear definition of how we will meet those needs and a clear proposal (SoW) to define how we will meet your needs.


Early Engagement

Your pod will stay with you throughout the lifecycle of your project. They will be responsible for adapting our delivery approach to meet your culture and processes, ensuring your positive experience and the successful outcomes we agreed.. Your pod will remain in constant contact with you and will hold frequent service reviews to ensure progress and goals remain aligned.

It really is that simple. We aim to be as frictionless and flexible as possible so we can adapt our approach to your needs and deliver the outcomes you seek.

You're in safe hands

Never before has it been more important to know that your data and your reputation is protected, and this requirement will only continue to grow. That’s why It’s important for our customers to know that we take our responsibilities towards them very seriously.

In 2020 Chakray began working towards a SOC II Type 2 accreditation. This represents the very strictest level of control on how we capture and safeguard customer data, and ensures those operational standards are maintained. This accreditation is due to be completed in mid 2021.

In addition Chakray is compliant and accredited in more standard levels of compliance including ICO registration, GDPR and ISO 9001.

Our Vision

We aim to make Chakray the most trusted name in integration, not just for our technology outcomes, but for our people and their enduring commitment to succeed for each customer.

Our Mission

We empower integration experts to design and deliver the right outcomes, enabling innovation and progress in transforming companies around the world.

Our Values

Earning trust is how we succeed. Our values align to earning and deserving the trust of our customers.


We put the interests of the customer first. The customer must truly feel this before they can trust us.


We must be excellent at what we do and honest about what we don’t.


A person who owns the consequences of risk must always own the knowledge of risk.


We set and meet fair expectations. When one of us makes a promise, we are all making a promise.

Organise for Success

We are responsible for trusting the right people to deliver our reputation. We must empower those people to act with our full confidence.

Our Culture

Chakray is an international organisation which combines the strength and depth of our global community with the service levels and commitment of local relationships. The key characteristic amongst all of our people is a deep understanding of the fabric of integration, and how to leverage the concepts and technologies of integration to create business value.

We observe a reverse hierarchy, where it is the customer that sits at the top of our organisational chart, with the customer pod positioned directly beneath. It is the pods that align to your goals, make our promises to you and demand what they need from our Chakray to keep those promises.

In this way our people are empowered to do their best work and the measure of our success becomes earning the trust of our customers and attracting the best integration talent.

Our Regions

We aim to be “local, everywhere”, combining first class global standards with committed local relationships.

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