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Effective solutions to integrate business services

In order to overcome connectivity and communication problems between systems, there are suites that enable the implementation of a technological solution that generates a framework of digital transformation tools that are connected to each other.

Digital transformation is a latent reality. The evolution of companies is key to preserve the business, and flexibility and speed are fundamental for this evolution.

Working with a great number of isolated systems and applications results in a problem for users. This is why company integration and connectivity are essential to be able to evolve within the market.

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An effective solution to this is the WSO2 Enterprise Integrator platform. A suite that integrates all WSO2 products and technologies for the mastery of business integration. WSO2 is based on Apache Tomcat, the main software used as a basis in corporate servers.

The wide range of WSO2 products allow system architects and developers to choose the relevant bits required to build the architecture of their solution.

“Company integration and connectivity are essential to be able to evolve within the market.”

In essence, it is a service integration bus that facilitates the integration of multiple protocols, formats and transport types in the context of message exchange. It possesses a component that allows REST / SOAP services to be exposed based on several data sources.

In addition, it has a key component for the orchestration and automation of processes that is provided as part of the platform, and it is a business process engine. It also has a message broker that allows for the implementation of queues and topics to publish and/or obtain data asynchronously.

One of the most welcome features is that all components are prepared out of the box to be implemented in development and high-availability environments.

WSO2 addresses the real need of architects and developers of finding out which products should be chosen. Additionally, based on the accrued experience of the developers of WSO2 Enterprise Integrator to further digital transformation in a company, the use of common patterns which are reflected across five fields is required: Company Integration, API Management, Internet of Things, Security and Smart Analysis.

WSO2 is an ideal middleware to fill the role of a service integrator. Companies such as eBay and Transports from London trust this open-source platform to integrate their IT applications.

Integration business services: three fundamental reasons

You may be wondering: do I really need this platform? Well, we want to give you three fundamental reasons to perform this integration:

1.- Key Challenges

Clients, partners and providers are all expecting to have a fast, efficient access to the requested information. Each corporate project requires the integration of several systems such as SaaS applications, back-end and data feed. An organization does not need to develop applications, but it does need to integrate data and applications to establish a unified information process.

2.- Performance

With an easy-to-use API-centered integration platform, that is ready for the business actions, each project can create high-performance environments. This allows for the reduction of integration costs, the interoperability of inherited systems, the escalation of service message traffic, the improvement of governance practices and APIs to be exposed to external partners and mobile applications.

3.- Connectivity

Corporate integration offers several opportunities for improvement to the organization:

  • It allows multiple connections to be performed
  • It democratizes proprietary integrations and increases their quality
  • The infrastructure is tailored to the needs of each project
  • The ability to integrate high-performance, high-availability, elastically scalable and solidly scalable services.

Access to information often times has a high cost in time, since each department has to employ its own specific access. With integration, one needs to keep in mind that the difference between the cost and the gain is efficiency. In this post you can find out about six more reasons that show you why integration is necessary.

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