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7 reasons why you should Integrate, Automate & Orchestrate with Workato

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Business is moving fast and the way we need to work is evolving even faster. Read on to understand why you should choose Workato and how it can help you integrate, automate and orchestrate every aspect of your business.

Why you should Integrate, Automate & Orchestrate with Workato in your business

Let’s talk about the advantages and benefits, and why you should choose Workato. Here are the 7 reasons why:

An EXPLOSION in APP usage…

SaaS and remote work have led to a phenomenal increase in app usage, organizations are using an average of 110 apps per year and the number is growing. It’s not uncommon for different departments across your business to be using hundreds of different apps.

The graph below shows the average number of applications in use per department:

application use per department

But having too many tools is causing PAIN!

All these tools and apps, combined with legacy technology, systems, data and manual processes are likely to be creating barriers to productivity within your business and overwhelmed employees. And that’s where Workato comes in.

Some of these problems and barriers caused by having so many tools are:

  • Data silos
  • Fractured Workflows
  • Broken UX
  • Shadow IT

too many tools barriers 99% of processes are not currently automated.

And there’s a reason why 99% of processes are not currently automated. Integration and automation using yesterday’s approach just feels TOO HARD.

  • Too complex: Too many tools and technologies.
  • Bottlenecks: Tools often built by specialist developers, meaning you have to queue up for resource to make improvements.
  • Delivery Gaps.
  • Frustrated Stakeholders.



Workato’s single platform, no-code, low code approach enables AUTOMATION-AT-SCALE, making Integration a team sport, for anyone, in any department.

  • Simplified experience for your delivery teams.
  • Unified experience for your business stakeholders.
  • Faster time to market.
  • More business outcomes achieved.

In the following graph you can see how Workato enables automation-at-scale work:

How Workato enables automation-at-scale

A Single platform to solve ALL of your integration and automation problems.


  • 1k+ integrations – apps, DBs & cloud.
  • Event-driven business process automation.
  • Engagement via bots in Slack & MSFT teams.


  • No-code/low-code user experience.
  • Centralised governance & mgmt.
  • Faster to get started, collaborate & iterate.


  • 100% SaaS – zero software to manage.
  • Scales elastically to handle any workflow.
  • Secure – SOC2 Type 2, PCI, HIPAA, GDPR.

With Workato Less is Always More.

workato less is always moreTrusted by over 11,000 brands worldwide.

Named a leader by Gartner and Forrester and trusted by 11,000+ top global brands, Workato connects your apps, databases, and systems all on one platform. And no need for coding.

workato brands companies worldwideConclusion

All of the above are some of the reasons why Workato should be considered as the best integration and automation platform for your organization. It’s time to integrate, Automate and Orchestrate with Workato.

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