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Chakray earns WSO2 Partner Awards for Integration Partner of the Year and Top Partner of the Year (Americas)

WSO2 Partner Awards for Integration Partner of the Year and Top Partner of the Year (Americas)

Chakray has been recognized with 2 awards “Top Partner of the Year (Americas)” and “Integration Partner of the Year” at the 2022 WSO2 partner kick-off.

The awards recognize a combination of success factors including growth and expansion in different countries, the strategic importance of customers, and the ability and efficiency of the teams in executing integration projects.

WSO2 recognizes Chakray with Top Partner of the Year (Americas) and Integration Partner of the Year 2021

The first award Chakray received was “Top Partner of the Year (Americas)“. In presenting the award, Devaka Randeniya, Chief Revenue Office at WSO2, stated that “Chakray has been a long standing partner for WSO2. In 2021 they brought in more than USD 1 Million from LATAM and North America alone including a number of new logos and maintained their Platinum partner status”.

Geethika Cooray, Vice President & Head of Identity Access Management (IAM) at WSO2, presented another award for Chakray “Integration Partner of the Year”, in which he highlighted efficient work done by Chakray teams and mentioned “Chakray maintained their platinum partner status in 2021 brining in considerable New integration ARR from 8 different countries in 2021. They also completed 10 integration certificates in 2021 and brought in 4 new logos who will be using the WSO2 integration stack”.

In receiving the awards for Chakray, CEO Javier Rul said:

“We are always very proud to receive awards like these because it is a testament to the great work and dedication of our people. Our teams in all areas are constantly going the extra mile, using their creativity, intelligence and ethics to do amazing work. In moments like this we are reminded of that effort, and so whilst our thanks go to WSO2 for this recognition, I would like to also thank my team for everything they do.”

Increasing ties to WSO2

It has been a year of great change, of course for the world, but for WSO2 and in Chakray. Javier Rul highlighted “what has remained consistent is that WSO2 products have remained the right choice for so many of our customers. We have continued to work in all corners of the globe delivering outstanding outcomes for forward thinking customers with cutting edge technology across a range of sectors”.

The awards recognize the mutual benefit of a long and successful partnership with WSO2, while marking a positive start to the year.

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