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Become a WSO2 expert with Chakray courses


Registration is now open for our WSO2 training plan. We will teach more than a dozen specialization courses on leading WSO2 technology

This year, Chakray’s WSO2 experts will share their knowledge in a training plan that addresses the various WSO2 open-source technologies at multiple levels. This year, we are once again leading the way in WSO2 courses in English. Our intensive training courses combine theory and practice.

In addition to having an extensive experience offering architecture, consulting, and training services for Critical Information Systems, our team of teachers has demonstrated their excellence in the training field across the multiple editions of our courses.

At Chakray, thanks to the high specialization and quality of our training sessions, we have helped more than 300 students to excel in their profession and master the latest WSO2 technology.

Find the WSO2 course you need

What do want to specialize in? What timetable are you looking for? You are sure to find the course that best suits your needs in our training plan. We offer multiple timetables, levels, and specializations. Find out more.

Courses by specialization:

WSO2 Enterprise Integrator (EI) WSO2 Enterprise Integrator Developer Course– Fundamentals
WSO2 Enterprise Integrator Developer Fundamentals Course- Streaming Integrator
WSO2 Enterprise Integrator Developer Fundamentals Course – Micro Integrator
WSO2 Enterprise Integrator Developer Mastering– Advanced
WSO2 Identity Server (IS) WSO2 Identity Server (IS) Mastering – Fundamentals
WSO2 API Manager (APIM) WSO2 API Manager (APIM) Course – Fundamentals
WSO2 API Manager Developer Mastering – Advanced

If you want more information about our WSO2 courses or you can’t find the course you’re looking for, contact us!