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WSO2 Names Chakray as Premier Partner

wso2 premier partner

Chakray is now one of the five WSO2 Premier Partners and has becomed the unique Spanish-speaking company specialized in this platform that’s achieves this category. The WSO2 Premier Partner distinction is only awarded to companies that have demonstrated high experience in projects with WSO2 and have gather successful case studies with this technology.

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In Chakray we are proud to have achieved the highest level of partnership with WSO2 and to be WSO2 Premier Partner, as it is reserved only to companies that have repeatedly proven their ability to work with WSO2 meeting the highest standards.

Many thanks from the Chakray’s team to all of the customers who have relayed on us for their projects. Without their help we wouldn’t have been able to demonstrate our knowledge in WSO2.

We look forward to keep working and to continue to offer the best and IT solutions for our customers.