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Workato for UK companies: Unleashing the potential of Automation

Workato partner in the UK

A growing business will naturally witness a rise in the amount of data it handles and the frequency of its day-to-day operations. One of the best ways to efficiently manage the expansion of a business is to digitise certain processes and introduce a level of accessibility and uniformity to the company’s data without compromising security. At the same time, digitisation should not lead to an excessive dependence on or over-consumption of IT resources. In the UK, there are plenty of thriving businesses that face the exact same issues of productivity and digital asset management. This is where automation comes in, and more specifically, the platform Workato for UK companies.

Automation simplifies business operations, synchronises data moving between different sources, and implements sophisticated workflows between multiple endpoints in such a way that manual intervention is reduced. Automation also modulates the excessive costs and consumption of IT resources by:

  • Allocating and scaling resources intelligently 
  • Proactively monitoring resources for their usage and faults (in order to decrease downtime)
  • Streamlining workflows such that repetitive and time-intensive tasks do not consume IT resources disproportionately.

Additionally, when a company taps into the potential of automation through a single platform such as Workato, most of the feature’s dependencies become centralised and accessible, thus eliminating the need for too many external resources. 

This article will explore the various dimensions of automation, the role of Workato for UK companies and why Chakray is the best Workato partner in the UK.

  1. A brief overview of Workato and its capabilities
    1. How Workato Automation Improves Business Functions
  2. Why is automation important (especially in the UK)?
  3. Unleashing the potential of automation through Workato
    1. Streamline Workflows
    2. Smooth Data Connectivity and Management
    3. Fast and Scalable Automation
  4. Success Stories: How Workato empowers enterprises in the UK
    1. Retail/Hospitality company incentivises customers and boosts their experience through delivery automation
    2. Entertainment company automates releases and accelerates the time-to-market of independent games
  5. Future utilisations of automation in the UK and Workato’s integral role
    1. Manufacturing
    2. Service Industries
    3. Healthcare and Life Sciences
    4. Labour and Workforce
    5. Driving Economic Progress
  6. Chakray: the best Workato partner in the UK
  7. Conclusion

1. A brief overview of Workato and its capabilities

Workato is primarily an iPaaS—an integration platform as a service. Its purpose is to function as a one-stop shop for integrations, automation, and data management. With Workato, you can connect disparate systems, computerise menial tasks that would otherwise require human intervention, and design complex workflows through a drag-and-drop, low-code interface. Many of Workato’s components (such as recipes and connectors) are also ready-to-use, removing the need for thorough technical expertise.  

How Workato Automation Improves Business Functions

IT Automation

Workato aids IT professionals in completing IT processes that are repeatable so that they can focus on operating and coding more complex programs and function modules.

HR Automation

Workato brings a diverse range of HR data together (like employee records and recruitment procedures) so that they are accessible to team members.

Finance Automation

From handling quote-to-cash cycles to automating procurement processes, Workato synchronises all the crucial data handled by finance teams. 

Support Automation

Workato automates ticket management functions and joins data from a diverse range of customer-focused communication channels so that support teams can easily monitor customer experience and satisfaction. 

Sales Automation

Everything from lead management to order confirmations becomes straightforward and efficient with Workato’s process automations and system integrations.  

Marketing Automation

Marketing teams can launch creative campaigns and manage internal and external communications through emails, newsletters, and social media with Workato’s pre-built integration flows and automations. 

We have covered Workato extensively in past articles. For more information on the iPaaS solution, take a look at this article. You can find a comprehensive deep-dive on how we can help you with the technology on our dedicated Workato page.

2. Why is automation important (especially in the UK)?

Automation may be the next step towards revolutionising enterprise technology in UK organisations. Like many other countries, the UK’s corporate world still runs on different types of repetitive, administrative tasks like scheduling meetings, responding to emails, payroll, and so on. Surprisingly, a large portion of these tasks are still carried out manually, despite major strides in the digital realm.

Additionally, plenty of organisations still maintain legacy systems that sometimes comprise superfluous applications and processes, causing unnecessary overhead. By modernising the existing technology stack through automation efforts, the organisation can develop a more uniform way of managing and operating IT resources, curtailing the costs associated with using them too often or too sporadically. Furthermore, automation may also allow employees to focus on more cerebral tasks that add more value to the strategic initiatives of the organisation.

Particularly in the UK, companies can gain a competitive edge over other countries on a global scale by implementing intelligent IT automation, paving the way for digital transformation in many high-demand industries. Here are a few areas in which widespread automation could positively impact the UK:

  • Through IT automation, the UK can position itself as a pioneer of technological advancement. This can attract research and development opportunities and investments on the international stage as well as drive innovation locally. Capitalising on such projects and activities can lead to sustainable economic growth within the UK. 
  • Most countries including the UK have an ageing and dwindling working population. Particularly in cases where the jobs are mechanical in nature, intelligent automation can help fill these gaps in the labour market
  • Automation plays a role not just in job replacement but also workforce augmentation.  Automation takes care of all the redundant tasks in a business so that employees can focus on more fulfilling and valuable tasks that require skills such as strategic thinking, decision-making and problem-solving, empathy, etc. These skills cannot be easily digitised and require the full efforts of a human workforce.
  • Furthermore, upskilling your existing employees in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and automation can create a population of talented people with high digital aptitude in the UK. 
  • In the UK, automation technologies can improve customer experience and satisfaction across all industries. Especially considering that UK customers are increasingly comfortable with screen-based mediums and self-service kiosks in their everyday lives—from supermarkets to fast-food restaurants—automating more processes can help companies build long-lasting customer relationships and loyalty.    

Overall, embracing intelligent automation can ensure that the UK continues to grow in the digital era, even going as far as to withstand tough trials such as the COVID-19 pandemic—socially, economically, and otherwise. 

3. Unleashing the potential of automation through Workato

Workato is a powerful platform to realise your automation goals. Through its features, the user has the ability to achieve the following functions: 

Streamline Workflows

Through its visual interface, users can set the triggers, actions, and data transformations necessary to execute an automated business process. Each Workato automation is an amalgamation of recipes that describe how each system must communicate with one another in a common, understandable configuration. Ultimately, these systems must act as one to simplify day-to-day activities within an organisation. 

Smooth Data Connectivity and Management 

With features such as app dependency graphs and user interaction logs, developers can build an optimal logic behind an automation based on the systems and stakeholders that are unique to each organisation. 

Fast and Scalable Automation

Using Workato’s low-code/no-code interface, SDK, and pre-built connectors, organisations can balance their time-to-value ratio. They can easily design, deploy, and maintain automations—including scaling them as needed within the organisation’s IT infrastructure—with unprecedented ease. 

4. Success stories: How Workato empowers enterprises in the UK

We will now see Workato in action. While these examples are from two companies elsewhere on the globe, their success can be interpreted as a positive sign towards implementing Workato for UK companies. For similar projects in the UK, Workato’s automation capabilities would stand out particularly well due to its emphasis on the importance of low-code development and citizen integrators. 

This article may interest you: Boomi vs Workato: Comparing Two iPaaS Powerhouses

Retail/Hospitality company incentivises customers and boosts their experience through delivery automation

The company was working towards one important improvement—to reshape their existing system such that their delivery experience becomes a more customer-focused one. In addition to automating the delivery process, one interesting thing achieved in this scenario  was the integration of delivery automations with marketing automations through the Workato platform. The reason behind this integration was to oversee a customer rewards loyalty program. The outcomes and expectations from these changes were:

  • A reduced reliance on foot traffic or in-store shoppers, particularly in the midst of events such as the pandemic. 
  • By generously rewarding faithful customers, the company can build a strong pool of potential and returning customers. 
  • Increased agility throughout the purchasing and checkout processes. 

Entertainment company automates releases and accelerates the time-to-market of independent games   

An entertainment company aimed to cement their presence in the gaming market by increasing the speed at which they launch their offerings. These offerings are from large and independent game developers who may use the entertainment company’s platform in order to get their final products to customers. This move is the initial step to a larger solution to streamline connections between the entertainment company’s entire tech stack—Workato is the core solution for all of it. The outcomes and expectations from these changes were:   

  • Adding an abundance of new games at a faster speed. 
  • Easing the process by which game developers self-release their final products. This can improve sales, specifically in the case of independent game providers. Ultimately, these steps enrich the gaming community.
  • By turning a complicated, manual, and error-prone process into an automated one through Workato, the entertainment company was able to vary their offerings, thereby elevating customer satisfaction and loyalty.  

5. Future utilisations of automation in the UK and Workato’s integral role

The UK is already making good strides in the rapidly evolving world of technological development. By implementing automation at a larger scale, the country can work towards becoming a global symbol of digital transformation. For the UK to do this effectively, the country must be aware of the future utilisations and implications of automation. Here are the emerging utilisations of this capability and how Workato can be leveraged to catapult UK companies towards digital change:


Industries can be precise and efficient by introducing technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and advanced robotics. They can also be used to implement preventative measures for risks and failures. Specifically while using Workato for UK companies, the technology can play a role in supply chain automation by connecting systems such as ERPs, shipping services, and e-commerce platforms

Service Industries 

The service industry can utilise automation-powered chatbots to enable businesses to provide prompt and personalised support to consumers. By incorporating automation in service industries, businesses can improve customer experiences, consolidate operations, and work towards long-term profitability. The UK in particular can achieve data processing automation, real-time tracking and notifications, and the seamless collaboration between service industry and logistics systems by leveraging Workato for UK companies

Healthcare and Life Sciences 

There is great scope for automation in the healthcare and life sciences sectors. Through the use of Robotic process automation (RPA), administrative tasks carry less weight in the overall care delivery timeline. This allows healthcare professionals to solely focus on providing patient-centred care. Workato’s intelligent algorithms provide automation for tasks like patient registration, billing, and appointment management. Through its data-centric features, Workato can help perform data analytics to outline treatment plans according to a patient’s historical data. Since healthcare is a sensitive industry, Workato can also help the industry remain steadfast in its compliance with regulations and security measures. And finally, it can perform simple but vital integrations between core systems like electronic health records (EHRs), laboratory information management systems (LIMS), and clinical trial management systems (CTMS). 

Labour and Workforce 

The transformational capabilities of automation is not limited to industries, as it simultaneously remodels the growing workforce. However, automation does not lead human labour to obsolescence. Rather, it creates new opportunities for information technology training. Especially when dealing with Workato for UK companies, it opens up avenues for upskilling. But it doesn’t just stop there; by simplifying mundane tasks, it provides the resources for employees to shine in other areas of their role. Involving non-technical staff in automation efforts can also spur the company’s workplace towards a more collaborative culture. 

Driving Economic Progress

The contribution of automation in positioning the UK as a leading economic competitor on a global scale cannot be understated. By utilising automation, businesses can improve productivity, reduce costs, and provide products and services more efficiently. Workato is a robust platform to attain a wealth of data (in the form of visual reports, dashboards, and otherwise), analyse these insights, and make informed decisions.This can cap costs and result in exponential economic growth, driving innovation, attracting international investment prospects, and advancing the job market. 

6. Chakray: the best Workato partner in the UK

When it comes to Workato partnerships in the UK, Chakray stands out as a leading provider of integration and automation solutions. At Chakray, we pride ourselves on our reputation for excellence and our proven track record in helping businesses harness the power of Workato’s platform.

With our extensive expertise and experience as a Workato partner in the UK, we are committed to delivering top-notch solutions that streamline processes, connect applications, and drive operational efficiency for organisations across various industries. Our in-depth understanding of Workato’s capabilities enables us to tailor solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients.

At Chakray, one of our key strengths lies in providing end-to-end integration services. We guide businesses through every step of the integration journey, starting from the initial consultation and solution design, all the way to implementation and ongoing support. Our team of skilled professionals possesses a comprehensive understanding of Workato’s platform, allowing us to architect robust and scalable integration solutions that align with our clients’ specific requirements.

Our partnership with Workato extends beyond implementation. We also offer training and knowledge transfer programs to empower our clients with the necessary skills to maximise the benefits of the Workato platform. We are committed to ensuring our clients’ long-term success and building strong relationships based on trust and collaboration.

The success stories associated with our Workato implementations speak volumes. Our clients have witnessed significant improvements in efficiency, reduced manual efforts, and increased data accuracy through seamless integrations across multiple systems and applications. By leveraging the power of Workato, we have helped businesses unlock new opportunities, enhance customer experiences, and achieve their strategic objectives.

Chakray, a Workato UK partner, has a large number of experts to help you overcome your automation problems. Our goal is to instil a mindset of innovation in the business world at large. 

7. Conclusion

Automation, especially through Workato, has many benefits for organisations looking to expand digitisation efforts. Workato for UK companies will ensure that the country flourishes under present and future digital landscapes. By reinforcing labour markets, resolving issues related to customer experience, and fueling innovation in the enterprise technology sector, Workato is a torch-bearer for automation’s true potential. 

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