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Why choose N8N for business automation in Spain?


Workflow automation has become a key to operational efficiency and productivity in companies worldwide. Spain is no exception, and more and more companies are looking for practical solutions to streamline their internal processes and improve their competitiveness in a constantly evolving market. One of Spain’s most prominent options in this field is N8N, an open-source automation platform gaining ground in the Spanish business landscape. This article will explain why to choose N8N for business automation in Spain.

Enterprise Automation in Spain: An Overview

IoT technology has caused a revolution in the way we live, but it has also completely transformed business processes around the world. It has enabled the automation of functions that, just a few years ago, were notoriously tedious.

Business automation in Spain is booming, with strong adoption and positive results in various sectors. This trend promises to continue to evolve and contribute to companies’ continued success in the Spanish business landscape.

In Europe, Spain stands out as the second leading country in automation, with 70.4% of Spanish companies having implemented automation in some of their critical tasks. In contrast, only 2 out of 10 European company departments have automated most of their operations.

Common challenges faced by Spanish companies in terms of operational efficiency and productivity

However, Spanish companies also face common challenges regarding efficiency and automation. Below, we will discuss some of these challenges:

1. Initial Investment and Training

One of the most common automation challenges is the initial investment required to implement automation systems. Despite the long-term benefits, many companies may be reluctant to invest substantially in technology and training at the outset.

In addition, introducing automation technologies requires employees to adapt to new systems and processes. Proper training and change management are essential to ensure teams understand and fully utilize the latest tools.

2. Legacy Systems Integration

In many Spanish companies, legacy systems need to be integrated with new automation solutions. This integration can be a technical challenge and require additional investment to ensure interoperability.

3. Scalability

As companies grow, it is critical that automation solutions are scalable and can adapt to the organization’s changing needs. Lack of scalability can become an obstacle to continued growth.

4. Maintenance and Updating

Automation solutions require regular maintenance and upgrades to maintain their effectiveness. Companies must consider the costs and resources needed to keep their systems up-to-date and running optimally.

5. Inadequate use of time

Time management is considered one of the most valuable resources in organizations, and its efficient use represents one of the most critical aspects in the quest for business success. However, proper time management is an achievement that many companies find difficult to attain, especially those in their early stages.

This may result from an excessive burden of manual tasks, inefficiencies in assigning responsibilities, lack of standardized procedures, or even lack of adequately trained personnel.

How do we overcome the challenges? Using the N8N platform

What is N8N?

N8n is a workflow automation platform with a low-code interface that allows you to design custom workflows to automate various tasks involving different applications and services.

You have the option to host N8N on your own servers for free. However, N8n also offers enterprise support services for both self-hosted installations and a cloud solution, allowing you to choose the option that best suits your specific infrastructure and needs.

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Why is N8N an attractive option for the Spanish market and the rest of the world?

Here’s why you should use N8N in Spain, the six main benefits and reasons why it has gained ground in Spain:

1. Open Source: customization and cost-effectiveness

One of the main advantages of N8N is that it is open-source software. This means its source code is accessible and adaptable, providing companies with significant flexibility.

In a business environment where needs can vary widely from one organization to another, the ability to customize an automation solution is essential. With N8N, companies can tailor the platform to their specific requirements, making it an attractive option for various industries and sectors in Spain.

Because N8N is open source, there are no licensing costs. This can result in significant savings compared to other automation solutions, which is especially valuable for companies of all sizes in Spain.

2. Flexibility and extensive integrations

One of the outstanding advantages of N8N is its ability to connect to a wide range of applications and services. With N8N, you can establish easy connections with tools such as Google Sheets, Slack, Trello, etc. This means you can automate tasks that previously required significant time and manual effort.

N8N offers customization and stands out for its flexibility in terms of integrations. With more than 400 integrations, including integrations from different categories (Marketing & Content, Sales, Data & Storage, Productivity, Development, Communication, Utility, Finance & Accounting, Core Nodes, Analytics, Miscellaneous, Developer Tools, and Cybersecurity), you can choose the one that best suits your needs. The platform supports various connections to popular applications and services, making automating workflows involving multiple tools easy. This capability is essential to ensure data and processes flow smoothly in an increasingly interconnected business world.

In addition to application integration, N8N also provides a wide range of built-in function nodes, allowing you to perform tasks such as data verification, manipulation, and variable creation. This enables you to design complex workflows without writing any code.

3. Saving time and resources

Automating workflows with N8N saves Spanish companies valuable time and resources by eliminating repetitive and manual tasks. This not only improves operational efficiency but also reduces long-term operating costs. In a competitive business environment, saving time and resources can differentiate between success and stagnation.

4. Increases efficiency

Forget error-prone tasks like configuring servers and monitoring APIs for your less technical teams. N8n automates the frustrating work for you. So you can focus your energy on tasks that drive results. Even your entry-level engineers and interns can become more productive.

With N8N, you can create flexible workflows focused on deep data integration. But that’s not all; with shared templates and an easy-to-use user interface, less technical people in your team can collaborate on them, too. Unlike other tools, complexity is not a limitation. So you can build whatever you want without worrying about budget.

5. Active community and resources in Spanish

N8N has an active user and developer community of more than 55,000 members.

One of the most valuable features of N8N is the ability to use templates. These templates are pre-built workflows that can be imported and customized to suit your needs.

Within the N8N community, you will find a wide range of templates available (more than 600 templates developed by the N8N team and the community), from basic templates for application integration to more advanced templates for task automation and data analysis. These templates are an excellent starting point for creating workflows and saving time from scratch.

In addition to templates, the N8N community offers a wealth of additional resources, such as tutorials and documentation. These resources are a great way to learn about N8N’s advanced features and get help from other users.

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 Figura 1. Sección de plantillas de la comunidad.

Figure 1. Community templates section

6. Scalability

Another reason to choose N8N is its scalability. You can run N8N on your own server or in the cloud, which allows you to increase capacity according to your requirements with great ease.


In conclusion, N8N offers an attractive and versatile solution for business automation in Spain. Its flexibility, extensive integrations, customization capabilities, and regulatory compliance make it a solid choice for companies of all industries and sizes looking to improve their efficiency and competitiveness in the Spanish market and beyond.

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