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The new version of WSO2 IOT Server is here

The WSO2 open-source application development company has just released on the market the new version of WSO2 IoT Server. A solution in the form of a server that now, more than ever, tears down the barriers that existed when offering mobile solutions to companies that want to seize the advantages of the Internet of Things (IoT).

The new version of WSO2 IoT Server is capable of streamlining several projects, combining the administration of IoT and mobile devices in order to develop, manage and administrate applications, in addition to achieving a secure access to data and offering the possibility of analyzing it from various devices.

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Three benefits in one of WSO2 Iot Server

The platform founded by Sanjiva Weerawarana, an expert in software development, enables many companies to accelerate their digital transformation processes and make the most out of them. Products such as WSO2 IoT Server, now improved, accomplish three fundamental goals:

  • the emergence of new solutions and new business models that allow the supply chain logistics to be optimized;
  • improvement of interactions between clients and partners,
  • and improvement of the operational efficiency.

How is WSO2 IoT Server new version actually different?

The latest version of WSO2 IoT Server introduces a number of novel services:

  • By means of the WSO2 Update service, constant or periodical improvements can be performed on the product, and a continuous maintenance is performed.
  • Eliminates the need to generate deployable plugins due to a fully API-based device type definition.
  • Has the ability to offer geofencing and various related warnings, all of it in real time. It also contemplates both IoT and Enterprise Mobility Manager (EMM) scenarios with customized features.
  • Offers improved product profiles in order to carry out a scalable implementation.

The features of the new version of WSO2 IoT Server involve the immediacy and comfort provided by a scalable cloud service. As a hosted system, it can migrate from the cloud to an open-source deployment directly on-premise (or vice-versa), depending on what may be required by specific technical or commercial conditions.

WSO2 IoT Server offers a number of control and extension point options for various devices. It is possible to register, manage and define policies for Android, iOS or Windows, as well as forecast and respond in real time to specific situations. Integrating with your existing identity system, or use ours. Each company may provide an Experience for the User or its automation with a new, more complete API control, with more functions than ever.

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An extra solution

WSO2 IoT Server is part of a set of solutions by the company, such as WSO2 API Manager, WSO2 Enterprise Integrator, WSO2 Identity Server and WSO2 Data Analytics Server, which enable you to create, integrate, manage, protect and analyze APIs, applications and Web services, whether on mobile devices, the Internet of Things or on the cloud.

Agile technical support led by experts

WSO2 maintains its support philosophy (24 hours a day, 365 days a year) with the companies that hire support for their products, from the very first steps up to development and deployment. Its solutions are in use in sectors as varied as healthcare, finance or telecommunications.