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Everything you missed of our event at Seville

Last November 21st in Seville we held a technical seminar with the purpose of finding the way to achieve digital transformation in a company.

The event was attended by many leading companies in the sector, to learn firsthand about the latest digital transformation trends and techniques. With this in mind, Chakray was accompanied by WSO2 experts such as Paul Fremantle, CTO and Co-founder of the company, and members of the Council of Andalucía who recounted their experience of implementing a digital transformation at the institution.

Minutes before the start of the Technical Seminar

The seminar started at 9:15AM. Javier Rul, CEO of Chakray, kicked off the session and welcomed all guests, experts and attendees.

Jorge Sánchez, in charge of Management System Development at the General Directorate of the Finances and Public Administration Council of the Regional Government of Andalusia (Dirección General de la Consejería de Hacienda y Administración Pública de la Junta de Andalucía), started the technical seminar by telling about his own experience transforming his council’s systems. During his talk, Sánchez explained how interoperability and management evolved, and the measures undertaken to make it possible.

An improved interoperability was a goal that the Regional Government had been pursuing, and thanks to transforming the architecture, they managed to add new services, as well as extend the use of mobile applications to bring the administration closer to the citizenry.

After Sánchez’s session came Paul Fremantle’s turn, CTO and Co-founder of WSO2.

Fremantle’s keynote speech was one of the most anticipated, since in the last edition of WSO2Con Europe he had led one of the most acclaimed sessions: “Darwin Ate My App”.

This time around, in addition to being a resounding success, Paul’s conference turned out to be quite enlightening for all attending companies, since they got to learn firsthand the steps to follow when undertaking the design of their company’s digital architecture.


Paul Fremantle, CTO and Co-founder of WSO2


Esteban Toro, IT Director at the Progress and Health Foundation, was another guest of the Regional Government of Andalusia.

The success story presented by Toro was about the “Technological Evolution at the Foundation.” A clear example of how digitalization is key when integrating our services, as well as encouraging R&D in the healthcare sector.

Esteban’s presentation was followed by a technical session by Senaka Fernando, Director of Solution Architecture at WSO2.

The WSO2 expert offered everyone in the room tips and practical ways to build their companies’ digital architecture.

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The technical seminar was highly productive and enlightening for attendees, since they got to know firsthand techniques to get started on the digitalization of their companies with WSO2, in addition to success stories resulting from the implementation of open source platforms.

Undoubtedly, the seminar was highly productive and beneficial for everyone, including attendees and expert guests, since we could learn a bit more about the great benefits of Open Source platforms such as WSO2, as well as experiences and success stories of the Regional Government of Andalusia.

Thanks to everyone, audience and experts for attending this event in Seville, it was a true pleasure to share that morning with you.

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