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How to redefine your recruitment and onboarding process with Automation

How to redefine your recruitment and onboarding process with Automation

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Recruiting and onboarding have never been more critical to every organization’s success. There’s a war raging to sign on the very best talent — and with the Great Resignation, that competition is fiercer than ever. HR is the company’s frontline for winning those resources, bringing them in, and setting them up for success.

The way you execute the onboarding process has an outsized effect on new hire productivity and retention. Research shows that 69% of new hires who have a great onboarding experience are likely to stay with that employer for at least three years. And those satisfied new hires do better, more valuable work: companies with automated onboarding have seen up to a 50% increase in employee productivity.

But it’s hard to get these results with conventional manual recruiting and onboarding processes that bury people ops in busywork, annoy IT, and leave the new employee asking themselves if they made the right decision joining your company.

By improving your recruiting and onboarding processes, you can make a huge impact, improving productivity and boosting culture across the entire business. And having happy, productive employees makes it that much easier to attract and retain even more top talent.

In this ebook you can learn about:

  • How to redefine onboarding excellence with Recruitment Automation
  • Make a better first impression with recruiting automation
  • Why include Workato in your business

Automating your recruiting processes is the only answer — and it’s easier than you think. Download the ebook titled “How to redefine your recruitment and onboarding process with Automation” and find out.

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