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Chakray Honoured with WSO2 Executive’s Choice Award

Chakray has been recognised with a special WSO2 Executive’s Choice Award at the 2021 WSO2 partner kick off.

The award uniquely recognises a combination of success factors including the strategic importance of clients, the importance of the use case and story behind our work and the ability to execute projects to the highest degree independently.

WSO2 Executive’s Choice Award

Speaking at the event, Ishara Naotunna, Product Marketing Manager for WSO2 and host of the Partner Kick Off, described the award as “recognising a partner that has made a significant overall contribution in terms of revenue impact and engagement model”.

Presenting the award, Devaka Randeniya, Chief Revenue Office for WSO2, stated that “Chakray has been one of our longest standing partners.” He went on to explain that Chakray have been able to “demonstrate the level of competency in doing deals and more importantly wins with large organisations that give us the opportunity to expand”.

In receiving the award for Chakray, CEO Javier Rul said “Thank you to our sales teams that are making this possible. Thank you to our engineering teams that are able to deliver and empower our clients and co-partners.

The event is an opportunity to share in the success of the previous 12 months, to look ahead at the roadmap for the future and to celebrate the contribution of WSO2 partners globally.

A positive year in prospect

The partner kick off, now in its third year, was for the first time held as an online event. Whilst previously staged in Colombo as a physical gathering and celebration, this year’s event was inevitably shaped by the global pandemic.

WSO2 began with a sobering reflection of how the pandemic had shaped 2020, but the success of WSO2 and it’s partners during such times offered a positive viewpoint on how business can react and move forwards overcoming any obstacles.

This WSO2 Executive’s Choice Award marks a very positive start to 2021 for Chakray and recognises a long and successful partnership with WSO2.