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All you need to know about WSO2Con EU 2018

A couple of days ago WSO2Con Eu 2018 took place in London, an essential event for all IT profiles, CIOs, and those interested in technologies to face the digital transformation of their business.

As in the previous year, Chakray’s team, in addition to attending, we support the event as first sponsor partner!

During the three days of the event, we have been able to learn, share and discuss in the different keynotes, roundtables, and conferences, with great professionals from the WSO2 team and different companies from different sectors, such as Farfetch, Societe Generale, Profesia, among many others.

Whether you could attend or not, in this article we will summarize the main topics and novelties that were exposed throughout these three days. Let’s go there!


The presentation of Asanka Abeysinghe, Vice President of WSO2, “An Emerging Architecture Pattern for Agile Integration: Cell-based Architecture“, was fascinating! This was focused on the new idea of cell-based systems, due to the increase in the number of microservices that are executed daily in companies.

The approach proposed by Asanka helps the development teams to be much more efficient, to act in a more organized manner and to increase the release time.

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API Manager

Nuwan Dias, director of WSO2 explained the news that is expected of this WSO2 best seller product. Some of these are:

  • The developer of first APIs and micro gateways.
  • Integration with service mesh technologies.
  • Dynamic discovery of services: etc, consul, etc.
  • Dynamic APIs: Short-term APIs that adapt and wrap or die.
  • API gateways without server API
  • Management for event-based architectures.
  • Integrated / native API management in large-scale cloud infrastructures.

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Ballerina Day

The last day of the event was dedicated exclusively to Ballerina. During this working day were exposed the benefits of this specific programming language for integration.

Maybe you already knew “Ballerina”, but in case you don’t, you should know that it is a native programming language in the cloud, in which many WSO2 products are based, such as WSO2 API Manager 2.5.0.

This language is what allows to generate microservices that integrate the APIs!

Given the importance that this language has for WSO2, Paul Fremantle, Co-founder of WSO2 and CTO, offered an interactive presentation in which he developed a code with Ballerina, which interacted with his Twitter account. Wonderful, go!

Open Banking

Making use of a solution like WSO2 Open Banking is what the banking sector needs to achieve the highest level of innovation nowadays. You should know that there are already many who have embarked on this path of transformation, but there is still much to be done. This is shown in the following image of Seshika Fernando’s keynote, “Is your Bank Millennial Friendly yet?

chakray open banking wso2con eu 2018


There are many challenges to which Open Banking must face, such as the lack of regulatory experience, the absence of technological components, the complexity of changing current technology, or even the lack of resources to follow regulatory changes.

Faced with this, WSO2 Open Banking, in addition to being an efficient solution, is flexible and very complete to achieve the innovation of financial institutions.

If you want to know more details about the rest of the papers and keynotes held WSO2Con EU 2018, click here!

See you in the next edition of WSO2Con EU!