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6 abilities that every IT project manager should have

If you have been an IT or information technology engineer for years, or if you are about to get your IT degree, it is critical to know what are the most requested abilities to ensure your professional success. Apart from discovering what kind of skills, aptitudes or competencies you must possess, we will reveal some of the software systems that are a must when it comes to tools for project managers, IT professionals and even CIOs.

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Oh! Before moving forward, it is important to notice that IT engineers have grown from only working on technological aspects to focus on global concepts, which are tightly related to management and leadership.

An expert such as Pedro Ramírez Glande, Dean of the Engineering and Technology Faculty of the San Sebastian University, declares that the education level is given in university and specialized centers must be more focused on the learning capabilities and a continuous adaptation to new events. According to Ramírez, it does not mean that the learning of technical knowledge and abilities must be left behind, but that it is supplementary.

After this brief parenthesis, it is time to know what abilities are mandatory to become to best IT project manager in your organization or wherever you go. Are you ready? Let us find out!

Abilities that every IT project manager should have

The 6 skills and abilities that every IT project manager should have are:


Considering the vertiginous growth and transformation rhythm in which the technology industry is particularly immersed, it is vital to be up-to-date with the latest processes, tools, developments, standards… Yes, you know well that planning and organization are vital, but adaptation to change is even more so. Adaptation, be it quick or not, is no doubt a determining factor when it comes to achieving success with our organization. 

Time management and prioritization

This ability is tightly related to the previous one, because, as we were saying, in a sector as lively and dynamic as the technology one, it is essential not only to adapt to change but to the be able to manage the time to be able to achieve success. Please never forget your strategical capabilities. Take as much advantage of them as you can!


This is very, very important. You must know that to be a good leader, you must not only be in charge of the coordination and supervision of tasks and projects; it is also vital to make sure that motivation and compromise are always present in your work team to improve their development, teamwork, and efficiency.


Leadership is an ability that perfectly mixes with and complements motivation and the other skills mentioned above. Any IT project manager must have excellent analytical skills, so they can later make good decisions—always supported by numbers or objective data.


In today’s environment, apart from being there, the ability to innovate must be constant. For that purpose, it is critical to search for equilibrium between all the parties, to achieve internal and external economic development, intending to the future, securing market presence and a higher competitiveness compared to the competition. IT project manager, remember: there is no success without innovation!


The organization is vital if you want to make sure you obtain results with your team or department. You are the one who must reinforce the processes in such a way that they conclude without problems, or with as few problems as possible.

Prioritize tasks, divide projects, jump the gun when it comes to obstacles, and define responsibilities in the most precise way possible.

What do you think of these 6 information technology project manager skills? We are sure that, if you have not gotten the hang of them already, you are already on your way to do so.

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