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WSO2 Carbon: The tool to organize business processes

The organizational structure of many business organizations from different sectors requires a middleware capable of integrating work teams and establishing an efficient communication between different types of software. The day-to-day management of numerous operations with data and information from various sources is a growing and differentiating need. WSO2 Carbon is a software that operates as a communication system and data management in various types of distributed applications.

Next we will learn more in detail the features of this product built on the OSGi specification and marketed by the Californian application development company WSO2.

What is WSO2 Carbon?

WSO2 Carbon, 100% open source and standards-based, is called to redefine the world of middleware, due to a number of features including its integrated platform and components, which adapts to the specific needs of any enterprise IT project, either in the enterprise or in the cloud. Thanks to WSO2 Carbon, developers can work directly and agile composing applications, developing services and participating in different business processes. It is a middleware that also allows to launch services using WSO2 Developer Studio and a wide range of business and technical services that are integrated with legacy applications, packaged and SaaS.

The OSGi-based platform includes more than 175 components and includes common capabilities shared by all WSO2 products such as integrated logging, user management, data transfers, security, logging, clustering, cluster storage services, caching and throttling, coordination and a graphical user interface framework.

How WSO2 Carbon can help your business

WSO2 Carbon adapts to the specific needs of each company and its IT projects. Among its advantages, it is worth mentioning the fact that it provides organizations that use data in a constant way with a great flexibility of implementation in their functionalities.

WSO2 Carbon allows you to work with data both from your own facilities and through access to the cloud. On the other hand, developers can easily customize the middleware products based on WSO2 Carbon, as well as the more than 175 components that make it up. All this translates into increased flexibility and efficiency of the entire work structure. The WSO2 Carbon platform consists of components such as WS02 Application Server, WSO2 Complex Event Processing Server, WSO2 Business Process, WSO2 Business Activity Monitor, WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus, and WSO2 Data Services Server.

With this middleware, many different applications can be used, developed and linked, even though each of them uses different systems, all of them enhancing the efficiency of the entire workflow. As for the management of APIS with which to access customers, promotes understanding between departments and links order management systems efficiently.

WSO2 Carbon enhances the functionality of the Service Oriented Architecture or SOA, provides mechanisms for the consumption of services and mediation of messages, as well as supervision, ordering and management of services and business processes. It also provides support for EDA, MDA and other business integration patterns. On the other hand, it is compatible with industry standards such as WS-*, REST and other binary and non-binary protocols, while having built-in quality of service (QoS) capabilities such as security, reliable messaging and throttling.

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Flexible and scalable architecture

The solutions provided by such an advanced middleware as WSO2 Carbon help to overcome the most important limitations in the processing of commercial transactions or in the capacity to respond to the different demands made when the service standards that the supplier will meet are defined. In this way it is possible to process large volumes of transactions with high performance and low latency. The current software and hardware restrictions mean that only a limited load of processes can be handled. This is where WSO2 Carbon becomes a competitive advantage due to its scalability and the ability to add more processing units to the architecture that can be run.

For which sectors are the specific integral solutions provided by WSO2 Carbon useful? Its advantages can be exploited in retail, in the financial sector or in education, to mention a few. Its contribution in the field of confidentiality and security, especially in cases where private data of special sensitivity is handled, makes it highly appreciated by private and public companies dedicated to security, as well as in the world of health.