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WSO2 and the importance of adapting to digital transformation

“Transform or die” could perfectly sum up how important it is for companies to adopt digital transformation. This is because adapting business to the new technological advances is paramount to forecast a solid future in the long term.

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We currently live in a hyperconnected society that consumes high volumes of information like we could never have imagined. The proliferation of new systems, applications and technologies is constant and continuous.

“Digital transformation is the best way to empower various areas of the company, improving its efficiency, helping it reduce costs and offering a greater value to the customer.”

We are used to the difficulties of exchanging information, the complexity of data management, the problems that emerge when coordinating tasks and the inconsistencies in data. In the face of this, digital transformation has become a must rather than an option.

For this reason, regardless of the size of your company, big or small, you should be aware of the many advantages and benefits that digital transformation can offer you, such as: increasing productivity and efficiency, higher profits, and of course, a better protection for your system, among others. Do you want to know more about its advantages? This post is all you need – trust us.

Keeping all of the above in mind, we should now start to think how to adapt our company to digital transformation as soon as possible, easily and with no complications. And no – it is not as hard or tedious as it seems, if you do so with the right technology provider.

There are many solutions on the market that can help you transform your business for good, and bring it into the digital age, such as, for example, WSO2.

Wait. You still don’t know what WSO2 is? In broad strokes, we could define it as an open-source technology and a business platform that, in addition to offering a complete integration, helps companies create, manage, protect and analyze, from APIs, applications such as web services, in addition to other IoT and cloud solutions.

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Interesting, right? Well, that’s not all – these are the features that turn WSO2 into the perfect technology to drive the boost transformation of your business:

  • 100% Open Source Products, developed under Apache Software licenses.
  • Products for Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA), to facilitate the implementation of microservices.
  • Innovative and flexible products that do not constitute an obstacle and foster the development of the company.
  • Pre-integrated products; in other words, configurable products that allow the development and integration with current systems.

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In addition to helping you take your first steps and attain digital transformation in your company, WSO2 will provide you with a greater efficiency and competitiveness, helping it grow easier and faster. How? By integrating the WSO2 products below:

  • WSO2 Identity Server
  • WSO2 API Manager
  • WSO2 Data Analytics Server
  • WSO2 IoT Server
  • WSO2 Enterprise Integrator

If you are hesitant, or conversely, decided to get started in the wonderful world of digitalization with WSO2, you just need to contact our team of advisors in Chakray. A group of experts in the field that, in addition to addressing all of your questions regarding digital transformation, will help you find the best solution, fully tailoring it to your current and future business needs.

Are you ready? There is no time to lose! Digital transformation is closer than you think.

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