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Why is WSO2 the best platform to drive digital transformation?

Digital transformation

It is the perfect time to start thinking about how we can adapt our company to digital transformation as soon as possible using WSO2 technology, easily and smoothly.

Setting up the digital innovation platform

Each organization must assemble a platform optimized to meet its own level of maturity and needs. However, there are some fundamental and common components that every digital transformation support architecture and infrastructure should have, including capabilities to:

  • Make the business programmable through APIs.
  • Program the business through integration systems
  • Maintain strong identity and security practices
  • Learn from usage and embed intelligence into the system with real-time intelligent analytics
  • Leverage the potential of IoT and mobile devices
  • Increase agility by adopting open source and cloud systems
  • Development tools for continuous development, agile project management and automated testing.
  • Tools to support “in-house source code,” a development environment where code and learning can be shared among a dynamic community.
  • User experience (UX) frameworks
  • Data governance tools
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems

Open Source and Cloud

One of the most important characteristics to consider when looking for a digital innovation platform is that it should be characterized by flexibility and agility. It needs the ability to experiment, prototype and deliver minimally viable products, as well as iteratively discard or improve products.

The form of deployment (local or cloud) is an ongoing choice that can be made for each digital project. Over the life of a project, the factors influencing that choice may change. Therefore, to minimize the impact of deployment changes, it is useful to select products that can be easily migrated between a local deployment, ideally open source, and a cloud deployment. Running the same software on-premises and in the cloud also allows organizations to implement advanced scenarios, such as an on-premises solution that moves to the cloud during periods of peak demand.

How to adapt your business to digital transformation with WSO2 technology

There are numerous solutions on the market that can help you adapt all areas of your company to digital transformation at once and introduce it to the digital era, but the best of them is WSO2. We explain everything you need to know about this tool and the reasons why below.

WSO2 Solution

Wait, you still don’t know what WSO2 is? In broad strokes we could define it as an open source technology, and an enterprise platform that in addition to providing a complete integration, helps companies to create, manage, protect and analyze from APIs, applications such as web services; in addition to other IoT and cloud solutions.

-Learn more about WSO2 in this post, you’ll love it!

Why is WSO2 the best solution to drive digital transformation? Advantages and key features of the technology

The following will list the list of advantages and features why WSO2 is considered the perfect technology to drive digital business transformation and why you should choose this solution:

  • 100% Open Source or Open Source products, developed under Apache Software licenses.
  • Innovative and flexible products, which do not represent an obstacle and favor business development.
  • Pre-integrated products, i.e., configurable products that allow development and integration with current systems.
  • Supports on-premises, private cloud and hybrid cloud deployment options, with support for multi-cloud deployments without additional cost or complexity.
  • Advanced API security with artificial intelligence (AI) support.
  • Increase enterprise ROI with a reusable platform with API monetization support.
  • Excellent support for building automated CI/CD pipelines with a wide variety of automation technologies
  • A complete platform with built-in integration, API Management and Identity and Access Management capabilities to create an integrated API supply chain.
  • Enables users to build efficient microservices platforms thanks to support for protocols such as GRPC, GraphQL and WebSocket.
  • Reduced TCO to fit within the IT budget of most organizations.
  • Streaming integration helps create real-time, event-driven architectures.
  • Support for cloud-native and future-proof deployments.

WSO2 Products

WSO2, in addition to helping you take the first steps and achieve the digital transformation of your company, will provide it with greater efficiency and competitiveness, helping it to grow more easily and quickly. How? By integrating WSO2 products, which we present below:

  • WSO2 Identity Server
  • WSO2 API Manager
  • WSO2 Enterprise Integrator
  • Choreo
  • Asgardeo

These products are fully open source under the Apache 2.0 license, which is widely recognized as safe for any organization to adopt. The products are easy to assemble with other components you choose for your platform, but are also built from common code to ensure they work seamlessly with other WSO2 products. Digital products often span several of these functional areas, so consistency across products makes the development process more productive.

Product capabilities are available on-premises or as a managed cloud hosted by WSO2. In addition, API management, integration, identity and access management capabilities are available in the WSO2 public cloud.


If you are hesitant or, on the contrary, determined to get started in the wonderful world of digitization with WSO2, you just need to contact our team of consultants at Chakray. A group of experts in the field that, in addition to helping you solve all your doubts about digital transformation, will accompany you along the way to find the best solution, fully adapted to your current and future business needs.

Are you ready? There is no time to lose! Digital transformation is closer than you think, contact us. 

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