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Overcoming challenges in banking and finance with WSO2 IAM solutions

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Guest Speakers

Thara Perera

Senior Software Engineer

Sawani Dissanayake

Lead Engineer

Pradeepan Sivalingam


Thimitha Gamage

Senior Software Engineer

Nuwan Rupasinghe

Senior Software Engineer

Panel discussion:

COVID-19 presented significant challenges to many industries including the Banking & Finance industry. Banks and other financial institutes must innovate and be covetous for novel solutions to reach customers, yet be extremely cautious about information security. A simple oversight can result in a devastating security breach and compromisation of sensitive customer data. This is why Identity & Access Management solutions are more important than ever.

In this panel, we aim to discuss key features of the WSO2 IAM solution and how it can be adopted by Banks & Financial organizations to meet the rising challenges due to COVID-19. We will also be walking through a case study on a successful banking implementation of WSO2 IAM solution.

Why you should attend:

If you can relate to the problem mentioned above and currently evaluating IAM solutions for your organization, we recommend that you attend this discussion. The key focus areas that will be discussed are:

  • Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM)
  • Adaptive Authentication
  • Identity Analytics
  • Identity Governance
  • Consent Management
  • Platform Scalability

Who should attend:

  • IT Managers
  • Security professionals
  • Technical decision makers
  • Enterprise architects, Integration architects and IT architects

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