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Integration and Automation: Facilitating the future of manufacturing businesses

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Guest Speakers

Sebastian Rodriguez

Account Executive

Miguel Uza

Business Development

Juan Vicente Carrasco

Technical Leader


The objective of this webinar, organised by CHAKRAY in collaboration with Workato, is to discover integration and automation technologies that help companies in the manufactoring sector.

Manual processes, inefficiencies in business processes and high costs are still one of the main problems facing the industry, which is why integration and automation technologies are revolutionising the market. In this webinar you will discover what are the current trends and problems that companies like yours are having, what are the benefits of following a strategy in which an efficient use of technologies is made and how to carry it out.


  • Chakray Presentation
  • Industry 4.0 and the challenges in the manufacturing sector Integration and automation of processes within the company
  • Workato use case
  • Workato Demo

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