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Automation and Efficiency Trends in a Changing Marketplace

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Guest Speakers

Ricardo Osorio

Ingeniero Especialista

Peter Gallagher

Ejecutivo de Cuentas

Alejandro Fernández

Ejecutivo Comericial

For a long time, automation and the efficiency attached to it have been a topic of debate in the market. Everyone understands the importance of IT integration and process automation, however, the economic and time effort involved has been the main barrier to place this solution as a strategic axis for business growth. That is why Chakray has partnered with Workato to bring to the LATAM market an agile, efficient and powerful solution to businesses in the region.

What we will cover:

  • Understand what the Efficiency opportunities are within your business.
  • Discover how Automation and Integration can reduce your costs.
  • Workato and Chakray strategic alliance What can we bring to you?

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