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The women of Chakray

It women

At Chakray, women thrive because diversity is fostered through an inclusive culture, opportunities for leadership, personal and professional development are provided, and the people of Chakray celebrate successes, breakthroughs and innovations together. 

Want to know what women working at Chakray think about the role of women at Chakray and in the technology industry? In this article we will show you what a dozen of them think and tell you about their experiences.  

What It means to be a woman in IT

“Technology continues to evolve and is such a huge part in the daily lives of people. I’m a tiny drop in the ocean, but working in the technology sector gives me a chance every day to have an impact on people’s lives as we strive to improve capabilities and experience”. Aida Hoxha (Head of Delivery).

“IT jobs are very collaborative and this gives me the opportunity to meet new people and share ideas, which is great for problem solving, as two heads are always better than one. To women I would say that your voice, your diversity of thought and the talent you bring to the table are enough and you are needed, do something important and think big, together we can change the world. Thivya Mahenthirarasa (Manage Services Engineer).

“When I started studying in college, I loved the area of software development, and even with many fears, I have grown as a person and as a professional in this area. Every step I have taken has been a wonderful experience, in which I have learned day by day and I am definitely proud of the path that my career has taken and I would recommend it to all women”.  Lizbeth Zarate (Technical Lead and WSO2 Developer).

Why women succeed at Chakray


“At Chakray you are in control of your career and you will always have new opportunities to grow professionally, you will be encouraged to think, take risks and even fail without fear of retaliation. Everyone here wants to see you succeed and you will be welcomed and supported in the best way you can imagine”. María de la Luz Usero (Head of Marketing).

“The best job is one where you can take advantage of every project to learn something new and use your skills, but also where the team is always willing to help you. This is Chakray for me, a company where I am given the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally and my ideas are listened to.” Cristina de la Torre (Financial controller).


“The software industry is ideal for women. Chakray provides a work-life balance and a very good level of income. Also, Chakray is providing lots of opportunities to improve you as a person as well as your career. I would highly recommend more talented women to join our team“. Sawani Dissanayake (Solution Architect).

“Chakray has a friendly and flexible working environment.  As a woman, I think you have to care about working in a company with flexibility, otherwise, you will face difficulties. Therefore, if you want to grow your career with a flexible and friendly company, this is the right place”. Madhushani Hewagama (Software Engineer).

“One of the best things about the IT sector life is the flexible hours. Some people say it’s hard to manage work-life balance for IT professionals. But I think if you focus and work productively, the IT sector is the best place to have a good work-life balance, and the opportunity to travel the world. I’m extremely happy about my decision to join Chakray and the IT sector”. Thara Perera (Technical Lead). 


“Chakray provides a truly diverse work culture. I think having employees in different parts of the world is one of the main reasons for Chakray’s success, which brings different talents, technologies, ideas, etc. Diversity and inclusion policies mean greater employee engagement and retention and Chakray goes to great lengths to care for diversity, equity and inclusion, and applies a flat hierarchical management system within the company that provides freedom of speech, very flexible work environments, etc. In addition, to ensure employee engagement and interaction, Chakray carries out different fun and cute activities such as lunch outings, dinners, employee newsletters, virtual coffee days, nutritional wellness sessions for employees, technology sharing sessions, etc., which I personally love”. Thivya Mahenthirarasa (Manage Services Engineer).

“I am really proud of working in a company that supports gender equality as I do, and understand the importance of inclusion and diversity. Because they bring several advantages in a workplace”. Paola Fernández (Integration Developer).

Chakray is a very inclusive company, I would describe it with one word “equality”, as you will be evaluated on your skills and capability, regardless of anything else”. Amanda Vallès (Digital Marketing, Social Media and CRM assistant). 

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