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Chakray awarded ISO 9001 certificate

Chakray Consulting S.L. at its headquarters in Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada Street, Seville, has been awarded the ISO 9001 certificate in recognition of the quality management within the services and solutions offered to its clients. This award recognizes the organization and systematic approach to management processes that have been implemented, which will ultimately have a direct impact on competitiveness that benefits customers.

What is the ISO 9001 certificate?

ISO 9001 is the basis of the Quality Management System – QMS. A voluntary compliance scheme, it is a reliable indicator that the receiving company occupies a credible position in the market. It is an international standard that covers a series of elements regarding the quality management of a company, which allow it to effectively manage and improve the quality of services and products.

Half-yearly review
Every year, a certifying agent performs a review to certify that the conditions for granting the ISO 9001 standard are maintained. Chakray’s ISO 9001 Standard is another step in the journey of investment in continuous improvement.

Competitive advantages
This recognition is a standard that clients can trust, mitigating the need for them to undertake their own individual compliance and audit checks around quality compliance with Chakray as a supplier.

Which Chakray services and solutions are covered by this certificate?

Chakray’s quality management system contributes to its adaptation to the changing and globalized market in which it operates. It is useful for the focus, coordination and systematic approach to improvement processes in the following areas:

  • API Management. Chakray designs, creates, publishes and manages APIs to get the most out of its client’s systems and digital assets. Among the features of this service are designing, composing and publishing APIs; enabling API discovery; developing functionalities; performing QoS functions; obtaining information on the use of APIs and achieving secure APIs.
  • Service Integration. Chakray communicates, integrates, and transforms data between legacy systems in enterprise organizations, as well as SaaS applications, services, and APIs, resulting in the fundamental capabilities of a connected SOA architecture. In addition, it is for improving the accessibility of business data, connecting services, creating new web services from existing applications and services, building services faster and simpler, enhancing analytical capabilities and supporting the integration of business processes.
  • Smart Analytics. This solution analyzes and processes data in real time and is capable of interpreting data, identifying patterns and reacting in milliseconds. It adds functionality; it uses Siddhi’s written analysis logic and a specialized, easy-to-use language; it analyzes past data and predicts future events; it connects and integrates with almost any service; it generates business intelligence to support corporate decisions; and it uses the latest analytical technology.
  • Identity Management and Accesses. Chakray implements solutions to manage identities and access to services, API’s and applications on a massive scale. This solution allows homogenization of users’ identities and access, as well as Single Sign-on in all its systems without violating security. It establishes functionalities, identity and single-on authentication, automated identity management and administration, access control management based on user priorities, and federated authentication and provisioning.
  • ‘WSO2 Accelerator’. This is a Chakray solution that provides a test development environment in around one week. Among its objectives, there is the ability to test/evaluate the platform and learn the basics quickly to start using WSO2. WSO2 Accelerator reduces the learning curve in order to deploy functionalities quickly and get ‘quick wins’ from the start. ‘WSO2 Accelerator’ is intended for architecture/development teams of up to 4 people, teams that are starting their journey with WSO2 and teams that have a low initial budget.