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Ballerina Tools: All the tools you need to start programming with Ballerina

Ballerina is an advanced open-source programming language which focuses the experience on integration. It is additionally simple to use by all kinds of users, and allows for explanations that are easy to understand thanks to its visual, eye-catching diagram-based design. One of the great advantages of this product created by WSO2 is that is has a full set of development tools, Ballerina Tools, to make the job easier and as simple as possible. Let’s get to know them, one by one.

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Composer is the main editor of Ballerina Tools to develop Ballerina programs. It offers many interesting features that are hard to find nowadays in highly sophisticated editors. These are some of the main features:

  • It allows for the execution and debugging of Ballerina programs directly from the editor.
  • Allows to program elements and compose in a simple manner, dragging and dropping them inside it.
  • Makes it easy to edit any interface. Uses the advantages of an open-source framework supported by a large ecosystem of tools such as Swagger. It is very simple to switch between the Design view, the Source view and the Swagger view, and work in the form you prefer.

It is worth noting that as you work with one of the views, both the code and the diagrams themselves are being updated, in parallel, in the other views. It is, therefore, possible to switch from one to another as many times as necessary. The Swagger view is only for defining services, which means it cannot be used if, for example, you are creating an executable program.


The system test unit for Ballerina programs. Users can write unit tests to test the source code using this framework. It enables users to emulate Ballerina programs in a testing environment. Once the tests are executed using the appropriate command in Ballerina, Testerina can generate a summary of the results obtained during the test


Docerina is an API documentation generation tool in the Ballerina language. API documentation is generated in HTML format and can be extended to provide additional support in as many formats as required.


This tool is used by the client to connect with the various APIs and cloud systems. It is one of the extension points of Ballerina where users can write their own connectors in the Ballerina language and use them within any other program.

Editor plugins

An important set of tools that are bundled with Ballerina are the set of complements for source code editors. They are complements as popular as Atom, Intellij Idea, Vim, VSCode, Sublime or others.

Container support

Container support is a tool designed to facilitate the simple implementation of Ballerina packaging programs with the Docker, using the appropriate command for each case.

Ballerina has the perfect set of tools to make our work easier: Ballerina Tools. Thanks to it, almost anyone can develop integrations. Do you want to know more about Ballerina? Contact our team!