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5 challenges regarding the application of information technology in business and industry

Although we have been hearing about the digital revolution for years, it is still only really in the early stages. Recent, continuous advancements in IT (information technology) have become the protagonists of the process of socioeconomic development in which we are immersed. While some companies have already started leveraging the great opportunities that information technology industry growth has to offer, many others have not yet started to effectively participate. In this regard, there are many challenges facing many companies around information technology management.

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Information technology (IT) challenges

Although there are a vast number of IT challenges, in this post we will focus on the 5 most important ones:

  • Security

One of the main challenges IT has to face today is the safety or cybersecurity. The amount of data, identities and personal information that we share, and with which we interact daily, is so high that making it safe has become a challenge, given the very high value of said assets and the potential damage of getting this wrong.

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  • Accessibility

Data accessibility and availability is crucial, especially for senior profiles in an organization. Making data accessible for all the parties would be very easy with interoperability. However, although the benefits that it can bring are well-known, there are still many tasks that IT have to solve to be able to empower users.

“Making data accessible for all the parties would be very easy with interoperability.”

  • Strong networks

Securing resilient and scalable internal networks is essential but also a great challenge. Solutions should not only satisfy current necessities, but they must also be focused on the future and take account of potential technological advancements to minimise obsolescence in the organization.

  • System integration

Making sure that the different services, written in different technologies or languages, integrate correctly is an implementation IT challenge in many organisations. Still, the difficulty of integration is a small price to pay for its advantages.

  • Cost reduction

There is a constant pressure for IT leaders to reduce costs, whilst continuing to deliver innovation and productivity gains. When competitive organisations find ways to deliver the same functionality for less cost, they are able to focus their investment on innovation. As IT continues to advance and evolve at pace, new ways to deliver more for less will continue to emerge and organizations must ensure they are ahead of the curve on this issue.

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The role of IT in companies and industry

The role of information technology in business relates typically to the application of computer and telecommunications equipment with the goal of storing, transmitting and handling data. Clearly and increasingly, the role of information technology is highly important.

IT presents a way of not only exchanging information but also of performing operations and transactions in ways that change every day. Moreover, it is the perfect ingredient to support the growth and competitiveness of economical and even institutional sectors, providing them with many advantages.

“In such a globalized society, information technology is source of competitiveness and growth, not only for companies and industries, but for society as a whole.”

To ensure the survival and progress of any organization, it is vital to adopt technologies and tools to gradually incorporate IT into the fabric all of a company’s processes and daily tasks.

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