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7 reasons to choose an open source solution for your company

wso2 open source

Nowadays there are multiple reasons that we could include in this post for a company to choose an open source solution for its IT infrastructures. In some cases, such as eBay’s, the sophistication of the open source solution is so advanced that is has nothing to envy from proprietary software companies’ latest technologies.

But why are companies increasingly tilting towards Open Source solutions? We briefly describe the ten advantages of open source that we feel are the most relevant. We left cost as the last one on purpose, obviously being a major reason in the decisions taken by company higher-ups, but making it clear that this is not the only reason we should keep in mind.

1. Quality:

As open source project gain a following, more people contribute to improving stability, seeking and fixing errors and improving the interface.

2. Features:

With a great degree of maturity, open source solutions already cover all features that can be covered by proprietary solutions.

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3. Security and transparency:

What was once the weakness of open source is today a challenge that has been more than overcome. This type of solution allows for greater transparency. When the software interacts with data in open source, you can see what is happening with that data flow.

4. Fast renewal:

Open source developers do not start from scratch, but instead improve, renew or innovate over an already existing common basis. The difference is that traditional software vendors create and develop their products from scratch and in-house, while in open source offers you can build you own systems based on their solutions.

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5. Scalability:

The greatest difference between traditional proprietary software and open source project when it comes to scalability is that traditional software is focused on a specific market segment. Instead, open source is “built” upon client requirements.

6. Customization:

The most obvious advantage. The fact of having access to the code allows for much greater freedom when customizing your solutions. Having access to the code you can modify it, extend it and customize it as you see fit.

7. Collaboration:

Open source facilitates the process, since it enables competing companies to collaborate with each other, which allows them to gain time and money by having several of them working on the same project.