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Find out more about the culture, history and leadership of Chakray.

Chakray’s Principles

Chakray was founded in 2013 by a group of 5 integration specialists based upon the following principles:

Integration should be viewed as strategic

Whilst many believe integration to be a necessary evil, a means of adopting a SaaS product or enabling an application, we view it as a critical capability. We believe integration is the key to achieving digital agility, unlocking the innovation and creativity inherent within a business. It is consistently a differentiator between those who thrive and disrupt, and those trying to survive.

We must be the place integration professionals want to work

Anyone that has tried to resource an integration project knows that genuine talent is hard to find. As a service company, the success of our business is built upon our ability to find, develop, motivate and retain those rare people who truly understand the fabric of integration. We must then provide the conditions that enable them to do their best work.

 The only way to succeed is to put the customer agenda first

We operate a reverse hierarchy to put the Client at the heart of our decision making. Our client teams are empowered to succeed by aligning to the client first and then leaning into Chakray for the resources and support they need. That means all decisions are made by the people closest to the customer, with the best understanding of the need, and responsible for the outcome.

Open Source & Open Standards matter 

Whilst we work with many technologies, open source and commercial, our roots stem from the open source community which we continue to support. We are advocates of innovation in which low cost, open source software plays an important role. Many commercial integration technologies today are built on open source initiatives, so we continue to play an active role in this space.

Local Service Global Reach

Since 2013, we have grown to around 100 people with offices in Spain, UK, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Peru, Tanzania, Australia and Canada, and with remote workers in many other countries beyond.

Our work has traditionally centered around our office regions but increasingly our services have been requested globally with Africa, Eastern Europe, LATAM and the Middle East also very important customer locations for us today.

Each region of Chakray is free to adapt their service to the needs of their customers whilst adhering to global standards on quality, technology and capability. Consequently our clients can achieve world class integration standards with a committed, local and authentic relationship.

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