Open Banking

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Open Banking

Open Banking is a standard to improve the way customer data is structured, shared and accessed, bringing more empowerment, transparency and a range of benefits to customers. APIs are the heart of delivering this standard which are triggering an innovation revolution in the financial sector.

Chakray can assist your organisation delivering Open Banking solutions that will offer many benefits including:

  • Fast implementation to meet short deadlines
  • Compliance with your local regulatory requirements including GDPR / PSD2
  • Open APIs to provide the level of read/write access needed
  • Secure and strong authentication for customers and third parties
  • Consent management offering customers flexible and granular control
  • Data and analytics to enable your organisation to make better decisions

Whether you are looking to leverage the technical and reputation benefits by being ahead of the curve on Open Banking, or if you are in a region where it is a regulatory requirement, we can help. We can work with your technical teams, leaders and stakeholders to help your organisation understand the benefits, responsibilities and the journey of delivering an Open Banking solution, and we can work with you to deliver those results.

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