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The Government of Uganda

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Case study Uganda Government

The Government of Uganda digitizes its public services, improving the use of its data and the delivery of its services for its citizens

Over the last few years, digital government programs have accelerated and therefore increased investment into the sector. Government institutions have begun to see the great benefits of digital transformation programs and associated technologies. This was exactly the case for the Government of Uganda, which sought to improve outcomes for its citizens by simplifying and automating many key processes, highlighting the importance of joining the era of digitization.

The Government of Uganda recognized the role that digital transformation could play with regards to public data, specifically the accuracy and timeliness of this data. Human error in manual processes can lead to many issues with data, primarily inaccuracies, but occasionally total loss as well as issues with storage and scalability. The Government therefore chose to engage with NITA as their technology team in order to help address these issues and help plan and deliver new digital services. For this project, NITA invited Chakray to collaborate in solving this immediate need and also to establish a new system for national identity documentation and citizen registration services which, until then, were done with physical documentation and manual records.

The Government of Uganda was very clear about what it wanted to achieve with this project:

  • Sustainability: Long-term advancement through technology.
  • Reliability of information: Inbound versus outbound.
  • Faster services: Fast and user-friendly public services.

These objectives were intended to improve service delivery through the reuse of data, as well as the achievement of a coordinated government through the seamless exchange of data across sectors in a rational, secure, efficient and sustainable manner. In addition, these changes will lead to improved staff productivity, compliance, transparency and data security, enabling the country to adapt to the new working ecosystem and an agile mindset that will help them make proactive changes for the near future and enable processes to make their operations more flexible and cost-effective.

Technology used to make this project a big success

  • WSO2
  • Apache Active MQ


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