Why Chakray?

Chakray is of course an integration specialist, but first and foremost we are a services company. That means it’s not enough to simply provide market leading expertise, we must also provide a market leading experience.

We understand that integration activities have a significant impact on the future outcomes of an organisation, therefore our work carries a significant responsibility. With many stakeholders and participants in integration projects, it’s important that everybody in the delivery chain can provide clarity, reassurance and direction to those around them.

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Let’s Talk

That is why our service level is just as important as the solutions we provide. We focus on 5 values which we have learned contribute to a successful relationship:

  • Market leading capability
  • Communication and transparency
  • Understanding customer needs and focussing on outcomes
  • Under promising and over delivering
  • Adapting to our customers by organising ourselves for flexibility
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Our focus on delivering a great experience is why we also position local specialists throughout the world. Whilst our solutions can be delivered onsite, offshore or in combination, we always want our relationship with our customers to be as local as possible. We believe this is the key to building trust and understanding in our relationship with you ensuring we meet your needs.